Böcker Maschinenwerke GmbH

Böcker Maschinenwerke GmbH

Short description

Böcker is one of the world's leading developers and manufacturers in the field of lifting technology. We present innovative cranes and inclined lifts with 230 V battery drive, which make sustainable work suitable for everyday use.

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Range of products

  • C Personal safety / fall protection
  • T Mobile machinery
  • T Elevators, cranes, forklifts and slides

About us

Since the foundation of the company in 1958, Böcker has been working continuously and with passion on innovations in the field of lifting technology. Starting with the inclined lift with integrated knee joint up to the successful market launch of the mobile truck crane in lightweight aluminium construction: the new developments take people and loads safely and comfortably up high. As an internationally operating company with more than 650 employees and worldwide presence, Böcker does not only stand for high-tech and know-how, the family-owned company with a clear commitment to the German location also attaches great importance to tradition and sense of responsibility.

In Werne, Westphalia, Böcker produces more than 20,000 different assemblies and components for all product areas with a very high vertical range of manufacture from sheet metal cutting, welding, and surface coating to mechatronic assembly. Thanks to continuous research and development, the company has been setting new standards in the field of lifting technology for six decades now.
The extensive product portfolio includes truck, trailer and tracked cranes as well as construction and furniture hoists and rack and pinion lifts. The cranes and lifts made in Germany are technical and quality leaders in their markets. In addition to extension lengths of up to 55 m and payloads of up to 12 t, Böcker crane technology is characterized by excellent performance values and sensitive as well as comfortable control. Due to the combination of high-strength aluminium alloys and fine-grained steels, the cranes achieve a large reach at a low dead weight. Böcker cranes can be easily transported from one site to another and can be set up in a space-saving way. Equipped with automatic set-up and self-levelling, they are ready for operation within a very short time. Sustainable drive concepts with hybrid motors and electric motors with 230 V battery technology make low-emission work easier than ever for roofers, carpenters and tinsmiths.

However, not only the crane technology, but also the Böcker inclined lifts make the work on the construction site much easier. Thanks to the integrated knee joint, they transport tiles over the eaves up to the roof ridge. With conveying heights up to 27 m, payloads up to 270 kg, speeds up to 50 m/min and different platforms for each trade, they transport all building materials upwards efficiently and back-friendly. Thanks to their low dead weight and compact dimensions, the lifts can be installed practically anywhere and, with an optional electric motor and the new battery technology, can be operated in an environmentally friendly and self-sufficient manner.