Product-Highlight DACH+HOLZ 2024

AHK 36e: Trailer crane with 230 V charging technology takes over material transport

With the Böcker AHK 36e trailer crane, the free choice of location on the construction site is guaranteed. Thanks to the electric drive and battery, the crane can be set up anywhere, operated autonomously and charged via the 230 V technology at any normal household socket during operation.

During a test application for the roofing company Heiße from Marsberg-Essentho, the AHK 36e demonstrated both its performance in battery operation and an immense reach for re-roofing the rear side of a single-family house in Bad Wünnenberg. First, the AHK 36e drove to the optimal installation site in the house driveway via manoeuvring drive. Independent of an external power supply, the lithium-ion battery provided the energy for maneuvering and the crane setup. Afterwards, the old concrete roof tiles were teared down, which the crane removed from a distance of 23 m over the ridge and into the container. During each lifting operation, the tipper basket was filled with around 250 kg of old material. Due to the electric operation via the 8 kW electric motor, the removal works in the middle of the residential area were quiet and at the same time very efficient. Within two hours, the roof was ready for re-roofing. In the next step, the AHK 36e lifted soft wood fiber insulation boards for above-rafter insulation over the building. Here, too, the trailer crane showed its long reach and moved a load of 250 kg on the pallet fork to the laying site.

An optimal charging option for the electric crane was found in the garage of the single-family house at the existing 230-volt socket. Thanks to the innovative parallel operation, the crane can continue to be used during the charging process. The 15-minute boost function during charging also accelerates the energy absorption of the battery. In idle mode, the storage is already filled from 20 % to 80 % in less than an hour. The AHK 36e operates with such optimized consumption that it requires significantly less energy than comparable cranes with combustion engines. To minimize energy consumption, a sustainable Stop-and-Go automatic system limits power consumption and activates the electric motor only when necessary. The low energy consumption conserves the battery charge and extends the usage time without a power connection.

In its all-electric version, the AHK 36e offers all the proven advantages of the class leader among trailer cranes. It lifts up to 2,400 kg and reaches extension lengths of up to 36 m at a gross vehicle weight of only 3.5 t. It is equipped as standard with foldable swivelling outrigger, self-levelling, rotation and erection angle restriction mast package, and Go-Home function. The Easy-Lock system allows the crane to be converted into an aerial work platform in no time at all.

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