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With over 7900 members, 150 branches, 2900 employees and turnover of more than two billion Euros, the ZEDACH Group, founded in 1963, is today’s market leader in the specialist roofing sector with its five individual cooperatives, and therefore acts as a hub between roofing trade and industry.

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Range of products

  • P Roof tiles and shaped tiles
  • P Bitumen and polymer bitumen membranes
  • P Plastic sheeting vapor barrier sheeting and accessories
  • T Wood
  • W Bitumen waterproofing membranes
  • W Plastic waterproofing membranes
  • I Thermal insulation
  • S Photovoltaics
  • L Skylights and roof windows
  • M Sheets/boards
  • S Services, IT

About us

The ZEDACH Group is a reliable partner – for industry and customers alike. There is one particular reason for this: the cooperative organisational format. Our customers are our members. Around 7900 roofers and carpenters determine our general approach through a self-governing mechanism with General Meeting and Supervisory Board. Whether they run a small or large business, all members have the same voting rights, regardless of the contribution paid.

The ZEDACH Group abides by the principle of mutual solidarity; it is a community that offers members a comprehensive service covering all questions concerned with roofing. As a community, we are about supporting our members. This covers much more than just the sale of roofing products. It also means that we don’t hang businesses out to dry if they enter a difficult phase, but help and support them with advice and financing. Mutual give and take – for us, that is at the heart of cooperative partnership. It ensures stability, trust and independence from stock market valuations or sudden changes of ownership.

The ZEDACH Group earns profits solely for our members. At the end of the year, they receive proportionate reimbursement based on sales volume, and a dividend as shareholders. We demonstrate how good money can be earned by acting in accordance with cooperative values.