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Sempergreen, breeder of hardy (sedum) plants, has been the first port of call for quality systems for green roofs, façade greening and ready-to-install green ground cover since 1996.


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Sempergreen February 27, 2024

The various green roof solutions from Sempergreen

Yes, I want a green roof! And now? Which solution is best suited to my project? Vegetation mats or sedum cassettes? Can sedum be combined with a PV system? Sempergreen offers various green roof systems. There is a solution for (almost) every roof.


Sempergreen February 27, 2024
Use case

Sustainable renovation with building greening

Are you looking for a sustainable option for your façade renovation or refurbishment? Then a green façade cladding in the form of a SemperGreenwall is an excellent choice for your project. The eye-catcher has many benefits for the environment and the building.


Sempergreen February 16, 2024
Exhibitor press release

Innovative sponge city project: First Detention Roof based on the Purple Roof Roof concept

Local authorities in Germany must take action to offset the effects of climate change. Ultimately, the aim is to develop concepts that combine flood protection, environmental protection, biodiversity and drinking water protection.


Sempergreen February 16, 2024

Future-proof renovation with a green pitched roof

The construction and real estate sector is facing several challenges: A shortage of building materials, high building material prices, rising interest rates, the resulting lower demand for construction services and much more will have a negative impact on the construction industry in Germany 2024.


Sempergreen February 6, 2024

Sempergreen unveils a bold rebranding strategy: ‘Replanting the Planet’

Embracing the future: we are thrilled to share our transformational rebranding strategy. Driven by our mission to restore the harmony between plants and humans. ‘Replanting the Planet’.


Range of products

  • P Additional rainproofing measures
  • P Roof accessories
  • P Separating/protective layers
  • P Surface protection/utility coverings
  • P Flat roof accessories
  • W Drainage/drainage grates, accessories
  • S Photovoltaics
  • R Drainage/water storage tank
  • R Filter fleece
  • R Protective mats
  • R Plant substrates
  • R Plants/Sprouts
  • R Fertilizer
  • R Accessories

About us

Our mission is to green the world

At Sempergreen, we transform gray buildings into green oases. For more than 25 years, we have been making cities around the world bloom by developing and supplying vertical gardens, multifunctional total solutions for green roofs and ready-made floor coverings. Together with our partners and customers, we are making the world greener step by step, meter by meter, kilometer by kilometer.

Sustainable solutions

As the Sempergreen Group, we have our own nurseries on five continents. We green Europe, North America, Australia, South America and Asia. We grow a lot of plants worldwide. This means we have a large stock and can support you, even with large-scale projects. Our commitment to sustainability goes beyond our greening initiatives. We are continuously developing our products to promote biodiversity, mitigate urban heat islands and optimize stormwater management. Our retention and detention roofs effectively capture excess water during heavy rainfall, contributing to a more sustainable and resilient environment.

More than a hundred shades of green

Faced with the inevitability of urban growth, we take up the challenge of integrating nature into the urban landscape.  With our years of experience and knowledge, we can transform virtually any surface, wall or roof into a thriving ecosystem. From straight and sloped structures to curved and vertical designs, we have the expertise to realize innovative greening solutions for any project.

Join our mission to make the world greener and more livable for people and wildlife, now and in the future.  Our specialists will be happy to help you.

Sempergreen. Replanting the planet.

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