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The modules of the SWISS KRONO MAGNUMBOARD® OSB solid timber construction system comprise glued-together SWISS KRONO OSB/4 boards. Starting immediately, SWISS KRONO supplies three different versions of this product.

1. Basic: for timber construction firms that do the joining and/or cutting work themselves

To add even more value, SWISS KRONO supplies Basic modules to timber construction firms. These raw boards come in thicknesses between 50 and 250 mm, variable lengths and four different widths:

  • 2,000-15,000 x 2,810 mm (available on request)
  • 2,000-15,000 x 2,510 mm
  • 2,000-15,000 x 1,400 mm
  • 2,000-15,000 x 1,250 mm

Timber builders can use the raw boards to make solid wall, roof and ceiling modules, which can (by way of example) be used to make interior or exterior walls, ceilings and roofs of single-detached homes and blocks of flats.


2. Evolution: wall modules for carpentry and joinery firms

This version is suitable (among other things) for adding storeys and building garages and partition walls. It measures 2,470 x 2,770 mm in size, is available in two different thicknesses (75 and 100 mm) and comes with ready-made edge grooves, loose tongues and bearers. This lets them be very quickly and easily installed. Elements can be flexibly joined and finished by hand.


3. Premium: modules completely prefabricated by SWISS KRONO licensees

Flexibly prefabricated modules measuring up to 18,000 x 3,800 mm can be taken advantage of by architects, planners and investors to design and implement single detached homes, blocks of flats, office buildings or other structures, including taller and subterranean buildings with larger units (building classes 4 and 5 under German law).