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The NATURNah(en) wooden facades from Holzwerke Ladenburger

Homegrown woods score points in facade construction. Whether silver fir in elegant deep black, spruce in cheerful, colorful shades or Douglas fir in trendy grey: depending on the type of building and its surroundings, wooden facades can always set new accents.

There is currently a growing demand for wooden facades made from local woods. They are sustainable thanks to short transportation routes, reliable availability and come in many attractive variants. The NATURNAH wooden facade range from Holzwerke Ladenburger, made from certified regional wood, is an example of the options offered. The group is one of the leading wood processing companies in Europe. The supplier's NATURNAH collection, which was presented in spring 2023, offers a wide range of possible combinations of installation forms, colors and surface textures and thus a great deal of design potential for a wide variety of architectures.

Spruce wood: versatile all-rounder
Domestic spruce is a classic in wooden facade construction and at the same time a versatile all-rounder. It can be installed horizontally or vertically and is available in a wide range of lengths. The possibilities for surface design with this wood are almost limitless, as the light wood look harmonizes with a wide variety of varnishes and oils - from trendy grey to colourful combinations.

Silver fir - elegant and even
Silver fir offers a homogeneous appearance for all types of facades. 
The fine and linear grain and the lightness of the wood make the surface treatment particularly even. In dark shades and with a batten cladding facade, the branchless wood appears particularly elegant and is increasingly finding its way into architectural facade design.

Resistant in outdoor areas: Douglas fir
Thanks to its resistance, the wood of the native Douglas fir is ideal for outdoor areas and can be used for both vertical and horizontal facade designs. In its natural state, this native wood presents itself in an appealing "reddish-orange". The wood comes from Germany and neighboring regions in France and Belgium, ensuring PEFC certification.

Domestic larch - regional and resistant
Native larch wood has a striking surface structure and an expressive grain. With its vibrant appearance, it is suitable for indoor and outdoor areas and its properties make it ideal for processing.
The expressive look can be enhanced or diminished by applying an additional wood preservative.