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RhinoBond - Membrane Fastening without Penetration

RhinoBond - highly advanced induction welding system for fixing TPO-, PVC and EPDM-roofing membranes with penetration. Fast installation with added safety.

RhinoBond® is a superior method for attaching insulation and thermoplastic (TPO
or PVC) roofing membranes. It offers higher wind ratings with up to 20%–50% fewer
fixings and zero penetrations.

The system uses one fixing and plate to secure the insulation and the membrane without
penetrating the roof cover. There are no seam fixings and since the fixings are spread
across the roof in a grid pattern, the uplift load is more evenly distributed. The result is a
system that provides higher wind ratings and virtually eliminates rooftop flutter.

In addition to providing superior wind uplift performance, RhinoBond does not require
half sheets so there are fewer rooftop seams. Based on patented electromagnetic
welding technology, RhinoBond is easy to use and approved by Factory Mutual and many
roofing system manufacturers.