Product-Highlight DACH+HOLZ 2024

Revolutionary construction site digitalization

By investing in the start-up CENDAS powered by Würth, we are positioning ourselves as the ideal partner for the digitalization of the construction site.

Construction sites that are completed on time and without defects are rarely a reality. Digitalization can provide a remedy here – and Würth wants to be a partner to its customers in this regard. That's why we're investing in the start-up CENDAS. CENDAS powered by Würth will replace our previous solution DOCUsmart and can already do more than DOCUsmart ever could. With CENDAS, we provide the executing trades with a tool with which they can revolutionize their construction site control, progress control and documentation. Used correctly, our craftsmen need 15-20 percent less personnel for large-scale projects and tend to make fewer mistakes.