Product-Highlight DACH+HOLZ 2024

Optimize 50% process + costs with Fixpod

Our goal is to reduce costs and optimize the manufacturing process through the highest possible prefabrication. Installation pipe transitions have never been as easy as with Fixpod!

Fixpod, the innovative installation solution in prefabricated timber construction

More productivity, more occupational safety, more sustainability and quality

By using Fixpod, you increase and optimize productivity across the entire production cycle and reduce up to 50% of the previous time and costs. Thanks to this clever pipe connector, complex inspection openings and the annoying threading of empty pipes at the transitions are no longer necessary. The risk of injury from pinched fingers and hands is therefore reduced to a minimum. With Fixpod, the waste from the empty pipes is reduced by approx. 15% and thus makes a significant contribution to conserving our resources and expanding sustainability.

Fixpod is the ideal solution for prefabricated construction or modular building transitions and for clean finishes on wall and ceiling outlets.

Find out more advantages and areas of application for Fixpod at or send us an email at, and we will be happy to help you.