Product-Highlight DACH+HOLZ 2024

nuSLIT FROM FORSTNER: the perfect entry machine

The modern, modularly designed nuSLIT coil line from FORSTNER takes the production of your blanks – in terms of flexibility and productivity – to a new, more efficient level. All functions and parameters can be set quickly, easily and safely via the touch panel.

The FORSTNER nuSLIT Series makes all your dreams come true, in a modern sheet metal workshop and takes your production to a new level, consider flexibility and productivity. With nuSLIT every function can be operated from the touch panel: coil width, finished lengths, straightening pressure to avoid stop marks, the width settings and operation of the slitting knives. nuSLIT can be integrated in a programmed production flow.

The control system is totally compatible with nuIT, allowing you to plan and program your entire production from your office desk with no manual intervention. Combine with the number of decoilers you want and a manual or powered coil selector. There isn’t a better slitting and cut-to-length machine on the market!

Advantages and benefits: 

  • ·Alternating pairs arrangement of slitting knives guarantee distortion-free cuts
  • innovative knife clamping system with high-precision cutting accuracy
  • Fastest and easiest knife change on the market
  • Optimum material utilisation thanks to integrable nuIT waste optimisation
  • Fully compatible and smooth integration option of the nuIT software solutions


  • ProCut sectional shear
  • QR-Code labeling
  • Automatische straightening rollers
  • Film applicator
  • Extra pair of slitting blades 
  • Table with roller guide
  • Hardchromed straightening roller
  • Integrable Decoiler and Recoiler units
  • Additional foot switch
  • Fully rubberized pinch rollers

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