Product-Highlight DACH+HOLZ 2024

NEW: nuLINK: the interactive and intuitive CNC control system

Discover the power and possibilities of nuLINK, our modern control system that will revolutionise your manufacturing process. nuLINK is more than just a control system – it is your efficient, safe and reliable way to perfect sheet metal profiles.

The clearly structured, user-friendly interface accompanied by interactive graphic instructions guides the operator through each step of the process – from positioning, rotating and flipping to finishing the folded part. This intuitive approach makes even the production of complex details a breeze.

With nuLink, your production data is stored securely in a central database, ensuring easy access and streamlined operations. Plus, our web platform offers background services for quick and efficient integration and service, opening up a world of possibilities for future implementations.

nuLINK is not just a product, it is a customised, modern and efficiency-enhancing control system for your machine.

Advantages and benefits: 

  • Intuitive sheet metal profiel design in 3D
  • Innovative folding optimization and simulation
  • Easy Managament of material and tools
  • Streamline procesesses with connected technology
  • Quick adaptation to individual needs

Application process:

  1. Find a profile in the catalogue similar to what you need by searching or browsing.
  2. Edit the selected profile or create your own from scratch by drawing with your fingers.
  3. Alternatively, use the line-by-line programming to set the angles and dimensions directly.
  4. Automatically calculate the folding sequence, detect collisions and fine-tune your set-up.
  5. Follow the step-by-step folding sequence and watch how to handle the material and tools.

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