Product-Highlight DACH+HOLZ 2024

Innovative Roof Monitoring

Discover Infrasolute's innovative roof monitoring! Our unique system oversees flat roofs using a robust, easy-to-install flat cable. It detects damages precisely, down to the square meter, and provides early warnings of moisture ingress without the need for connection to house technology.

Discover the future of roof monitoring with Infrasolute!

Our innovative system for early detection of moisture ingress is revolutionizing flat roof surveillance. The robust flat cable detects damages with square meter precision, early and over several kilometers. Moisture ingress is identified immediately, preventing significant damage.

No house network connection needed – the self-sufficient, solar-powered gateway reliably sends data to the online platform or your existing monitoring system.

Immediate alerting upon moisture ingress! Thanks to new technology, the damaged area is precisely located, and relevant personnel are promptly informed.

Explore our other innovative IoT solutions for roof monitoring:

  • Laser-based roof/static monitoring
  • Moisture monitoring
  • IoT sensors for detecting standing water and clogged drainage systems

Discover the monitoring solutions of tomorrow today.