Inspiration DACH+HOLZ 2024

How we recycle 100% of our wood

Our wood comes exclusively from sustainably managed forest areas. We handle our raw materials with care and implement this approach in all areas. Sustainable management is our basis for a viable and healthy future.

Whether sawdust, wood shavings, wood chips or bark mulch, our by-products from wood production are put to good use:

In our closed circulation system, we process the wood shavings and sawdust into wood pellets and wood briquettes.

Pellets with optimum pressing are a highly efficient, environmentally friendly biofuel that provides heat for industrial facilities, power stations, local heating stations, industrial companies and private households. We pay attention to the quality and purity of the pellets during the production process and storage. Our pellets are regularly checked and certified according to ENplus A1.

Our wood briquettes are the alternative to conventional firewood. They offer almost smoke-free combustion and long, cozy warmth. Wood briquettes are low in pollutants and emissions. Ladenburger wood briquettes are subject to regular certification in accordance with DIN EN ISO 17225-3.

Our bark mulch provides trees and plants with nutrients for beautiful and sustainable growth.

We convert further bark into CO2-neutral heat in modern biomass power stations. We use this heat to support the heating systems in our production plants and supply our on-site drying systems, which we use to bring our wood to the optimum moisture content for further processing.

This completes the wood cycle and the recycling of our building material. The remaining pure wood is converted into fuel.

Our sustainable management of the precious resource makes an effective contribution to climate protection.