Experience at the booth DACH+HOLZ 2024

How about a round of Clip-Pong?

Visitors can test their skills at FOS Clip-Pong at stand 6.214. With seven throws, players try to throw as many beavertail clips as possible into opposing cups to win drinks or FOS gloves.

At our booth 6.214 at DACH+HOLZ, you can not only get information and talk to our experts, but also have fun! You can put your skills to the test with a round of Clip-Pong. You always play against each other in pairs. You have seven throws and take it in turns to throw a beavertail clip 425 into one of your opponent's cups. Make sure you do not enter the red circle. Your arm must not extend beyond the table when throwing. Whoever sinks the most clips gets to choose a winning can, a cold Helles beer or a refreshing apple juice spritzer. Whoever manages to throw three 425s into a cup receives a pair of FOS gloves. After one round, the table is cleared again. Enjoy!