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Greater well-being with less ressources : the choice of grass for insulation with GRAMITHERM!

Sustainable thermal insulation batts made with grass for a natural confort and with a negative carbon footprint (1kg Gramitherm® captures 1,5 kg CO2-eq).

GRAMITHERM EUROPE SA produces the unique grass fiber insulation panels Gramitherm® in Wallonia (Belgium). This is “lost” grass (not intended for animal feed which is cut locally, then defibered (grass fibers are separated from grass juice. This one is giving energy through a biogaz station for drying the fibers : zero waste production) and transformed into panels protecting against cold, summer heat and absorbing noise. The impact of Gramitherm® is positive for the planet: 1kg of Gramitherm® captures 1,5 kg of CO2-eq. These panels have a lifespan of 50 years and are recyclable. Easy to install, non-irritating, the panels are used in interior and exterior insulation, in construction and renovation, in wood construction. Currently marketed in Benelux, France, Germany, Italy, Switzerland and Denmark.

Gramitherm® benefits from a European Technical Approval, FDES (Inies Data base), EPD (Totem data base), and the Biobased Label. 

Gramitherm® is also labeled Solar Impulse Efficient Solution and has just received the TRENDS Impact Award in the Circular Economy category.

GRAMITHERM EUROPE SA is active in Wallonia: In 2020, the production line has been installed in Auvelais with a capacity of 200000m3/year. The establishment of the panel production plant in Auvelais fits into a regional ecosystem and promotes proximity with raw material and customers