Product-Highlight DACH+HOLZ 2024

DMC SYSTEM XL: built bigger to work harder

DMC SYSTEM XL, a highly modular automatic sanding-calibrating machine for processing CLT panels that can be employed in the timber construction sector.

In recent years, the demand for machines for the finishing of large format panels has seen a sharp increase from the timber construction industry.

Driven by this demand, SCM decided to initiate the DMC SYSTEM XL project, applying its knowledge in sanding field to develop solutions capable of sanding-calibrating large-sized panels, for a finished product that requires no further processing and is able to provide superior performance when it is employed. 

DMC SYSTEM XL is a highly modular automatic sanding-calibrating machine, for processing both top and bottom face of CLT panels up to 3.700 mm wide and 500 mm thick. It is composed by different modules that can be fully combined and integrated with each other according to the customer's production requirements, by offering very high configuration versatility (a distinctive plus of DMC SYSTEM XL) and unification of components and common parts to optimize operating costs. The solid steel structure of the sanding-calibrating machine is conceived to last long and withstand the most intense machining, by granting high precision and zero-vibration that can be generated during operations.

At the planning stage, the roller unit, pad unit and crossbelt unit were first developed for machining the upper side of the panel, to add at a later date the bottom roller unit, top/bottom pad unit for processing both faces of the element. It is available the "piggyback” crossbelt unit, as an alternative to the crossbelt unit, a solution designed to reduce machine space requirements.

The combined action of these units, which can be perfectly integrated with each other, enables to pass from calibrating to sanding operations both faces of CLT panels, for excellent surface quality, both with longitudinal and cross grain. 

DMC SYSTEM XL has been developed to make the operator's maintenance work easy, fast and always safe. Furthermore, energy saving is a key issue: the machine has been specifically engineered with an optimized design and technological solution for minimum compressed air consumption.

This solution, as well as all SCM sanding technological offer, aims to increase the value of the finished product by improving the surface finishing, reflecting the latest market trends in having visible CLT walls and a product that is as natural as possible.