Product-Highlight DACH+HOLZ 2024

Digital Planboard

How does one transition from a craftsman business to an app? What are the benefits that arise from this? Solutions don't always have to be complicated and laborious.

"On the search for a simple solution to plan orders and employees, to keep track of everything amidst constant changes affecting the planning, we have decided to develop Planbar. As a core product, we have digitized and equipped with intelligent functions what has proven itself for decades - the planning board.

The digital planning board can be easily controlled from anywhere, enabling the operation to always have the best possible overview of the current situation - and that with easy operation.

Through interfaces, the program can be linked to the quotation and invoicing software.

The information concerning the employee is automatically forwarded to him via the app. Here he always has all the important information with him. He sees when and where he should be with whom, what needs to be done, has access to the construction site file. Here he can always access the past so that he is well informed. Everything is centrally stored on the order.

After being guided to the construction site via the app, he can record his times here, optionally including GPS coordinates. Or he enters them into the app at the end of the day instead of on his timesheet, as usual. He can do this for his entire team or for machines as well.

This way, orders can be evaluated with just one click.

In the end, the data can then be sent back to the invoicing program or directly to the tax advisor.

This perfectly closes the gap from the moment the order is confirmed until it can be billed. And all of this is extremely simple."