Product-Highlight DACH+HOLZ 2024

Decking and cladding made of Accoya wood

Discover Accoya wood decking and cladding: where the charm of real wood meets unparalleled performance. FSC®-certified and eco-friendly, Accoya products offer durability, resistance to decay, and minimal maintenance. Ideal for any setting – experience natural beauty that stands up to the elements.

Accoya wood decking embodies the allure of genuine wood alongside unparalleled performance. These products are crafted from FSC®-certified wood and modified through a proprietary acetylation process. The outcome is a material distinguished by its durability, dimensional stability, and resistance to decay. Furthermore, the wood exhibits high resistance to moisture and humidity, barely swelling even in persistent dampness, making it a popular choice for installations near water bodies, such as around pools or in bathing landscapes. Accoya wood meets the durability class 1 for service classes 1–4 according to DIN EN 350-1 and DIN EN 335-1, achieving consistent, measurable quality throughout the wood, not just on the surface.

When used as cladding material, Accoya wood offers numerous creative design possibilities due to its wide range of coatings, custom profiles, and special surfaces. Accoya wood cladding withstands all weather conditions without warping over its lifespan, which means minimal maintenance and repair work are required. Accoya wood is a natural, non-toxic material that contains no biocides or harmful chemicals. The products are made from FSC®-certified wood, are Cradle-to-Cradle Gold certified, and are fully recyclable.

Among the latest products are Accoya Color Grey decking and cladding, which are uniformly grey, require no refinishing, and are resistant to visible scratches. Accoya Color Grey offers an even grey patina from the start, preventing color differences and simulating natural weathering. With a durability of class 1 (EN350) against rot and class 4 (EN335), it comes with a guarantee of at least 25 years.