Product-Highlight DACH+HOLZ 2024

Create more time for crafting with Craftnote

Since 2018, Craftnote has been helping craft businesses to digitise their processes and work more efficiently. Available as a coordinated app and web version, Craftnote facilitates communication between the office and construction site and simplifies order processing.

Craftnote is software that comes directly from the craft industry. Thanks to the knowledge gained from this industry, the software is particularly well adapted to the needs of craftspeople. This is what makes Craftnote so valuable. The close cooperation with craftsmen also enables continuous further development, always in line with the current requirements of the industry.

The software offers numerous advantages for craftsmen. The simplified communication between the office and the construction site optimizes collaboration, while the accelerated construction documentation and efficient management of the construction folder support the work processes. Other strengths of Craftnote include digital time recording via app and simple order processing. Continuous synchronization in the cloud ensures that project-related data is accessible at any time and from anywhere.

Craftnote is characterized not only by its functionality, but also by its user-friendliness. The software is intuitive to use and fits seamlessly into the workflows of craftspeople. Craftnote therefore not only offers an effective digitization solution, but also a user-friendly tool that facilitates and optimizes daily work.